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In some ways, your difficulty with the problem is to take the dots that lie on the x and y axis, convert them to their respective positions in a polar coordinate system, and then get the resulting polar coordinates from the resulting Cartesian coordinates. You seem to have done the first part, but the calculation of the desired polar coordinates seem tricky. The resulting polar coordinates might be: radius = sqrt((x-100)^2 + (y-50)^2); angle = arctan2((y-50), (x-100)); ...but the problem is that you then have to find out how to use these polar coordinates, which will in turn require a Cartesian coordinate conversion which requires the calculations x = x-radius * cos(angle); y = y-radius * sin(angle); ...which is the same problem as before. Perhaps it would be easier if you define a Cartesian coordinate as 1, 0 and a polar coordinate as radius, angle that is, with the radius defining a circle in the x-y plane and the angle defining the point on the circle. That way, the conversion between a Cartesian coordinate to a polar coordinate is much easier to carry out, since you only need to know how to find a point on the circle. The conversion from a Cartesian coordinate to a polar coordinate would then be If you define x = radius * cos(angle) y = radius * sin(angle) you would then have the same problem as before. You could actually reduce the problem to where you only have to calculate the polar coordinates for the outermost circle, that is, the radius of the circle equals to x and the angle of the circle is y. That circle has a radius of 0, and the angle is obviously 0, so it is (0, 0) and the x coordinate is (0-radius) * cos(0) = 0, so the y coordinate is 0 as well. But, then you need to convert that 0, 0 point to a coordinate of (x, y) x = x-radius * cos(0) = x-0 = 0 y = y-radius * sin(0) = y-



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Autocom Delphi 2014 3 Crack 4 fynnfabe
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