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Success Stories

I started working out with Farzana in January, I was just over 2 months post partum and I have not only enjoyed it, but seen many positive results and achievements; her approach is amazing. There are days when life happens and I went off track and she guided me back on. She is all about gradual steps and correct form towards a goal. Her patience and positivity are indeed commendable.

Zohra Kanji

I am incredibly appreciative for everything you have done for us during the Strong Mamma Fit. I just want to continue the group again and again because of your positive motivation!


I absolutely Love it! Love you and love the group. Thank you so much Farzana x

Lina Ahmehdi

Farzana is a gem. She’s a professional, kind, and understanding PT, who makes achieving your goals doable. She provides advice around nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. She’s just wonderful!

Fatemah Haji

I want to thank you Farzana for having given me this opportunity to be part of your training. I loved Farzana's positive & realistic approach to training. The sessions were well timed and full of nuggets of advice to try and put into practice. During the sessions, I had problems with my Knee, and Farzana managed to accommodate my needs very well. The consistent (but not overwhelming), encouraging and practical messages during the week were spot on! Thank you so much Farzana!

Zainab Mohammed

A big shout out to FWH fitness. What an awesome training session! You learn a lot from nutrition and what to eat, strength training workouts which are so good for our muscles, to a healthy way of life by maintaining our steps.

I would truly recommend anyone who wants a change in their body and lifestyle to try these sessions with Farzana. She was absolutely supportive, encouraging and guiding us through the sessions really well.

I want to thank you Farzana for having given me this opportunity to be part of your training. 

Abida Virjee

I had heard about FWH for a while and some friends had recommended her to me following training with Farzana.


Finally, after lots of hurdles, I joined the 6 weeks Strong and Fit. It is an excellent way to get fit even if you are a beginner and looking for a challenge and guidance.


I would definitely recommend it to all- plus love that I could message Farzana anytime to ask about foods/exercise and even post-completion of course.

Arshin Mawji

The stretch and core course with Farzana was perfectly geared to aid in my journey of maintaining 'movement' throughout the Holy Month of Ramadhan. I knew if I didn't join the class and had a break then it would be extremely difficult to start training after this Month of fasting. This course was the perfect balance of not too intense but at the same time feeling accomplished at the end, be it with a light core exercise or deep stretches. I would definitely join Farzana if she were to do another session of the stretch and core course and highly recommended it to anyone who finds high intensity training too much for them or even alongside a Hiit workout. Farzana is always there to support you through the process and provides excellent tips and recipes to help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Thank you! 💕T

Sakina Jivraj

Farzana is just an epic woman and an inspiration. I attended her Stretch & Core expertise sessions. Moves were well explained. Good amount of info was shared. Easy healthy recipes were also shared that were so tasty. Farzana kept on checked on me & that made me feel motivated & looked after. She would chat to & greet everyone warmly at the beginning on each session. 1st class treatment altogether. Thank you beautiful x

Tooba Ahmadi

 My experience of the course was amazing. Farzana made sure she was keeping to everyone’s pace. Would definitely be doing more of her classes.

Siddika Walji

I cannot recommend booking a course with Farzana enough.  She is knowledgeable and completely invested in every single person getting the best results.  She regularly checks in and makes sure that everyone is on track, and shares inspirational words and delicious recipes.   I would work out with her every day if I could. She is a truly beautiful person and it feels great to have her in my corner. 


I’ve never been the diet type or the exercise type, a few years ago I did a programme with lots of exercise (which was good) but also no wheat, no dairy and no sugar. This was fine while it lasted- but was not sustainable at all... Fast forward 5-7 years, slim to nil exercise and eating lots and lots and lots of junk.... As you can imagine I was the biggest I’ve ever been and had been feeling quite rubbish about myself.


Then I signed up to Farzana’s 6 week zoom course. I was so so so pleased to realise there was no ‘bad’ foods, Farzana encourages the idea of eating mindfully, sitting down, considering the nutritional value and most importantly enjoying the food. I’ve actually enjoyed swapping biscuits to dates and hot chocolate to fruit tea!

Then the exercise.... so I had forgotten that actually it’s not too bad and I actually (secretly) enjoy doing it with Farzana on zoom! At the start of the 6 weeks- I couldn’t do things that now are not too bad at all! A real measurable difference! (Oh and I’ve lost a good few cm off my tummy)

Overall Farzana is so super positive, so fun and helpful but at the same time has pushed me to keep going and to definitely not give up. I’m soo pleased I signed up to this course. It’s exactly what I needed. I’ve already signed up for the next one- that in itself is the ultimate 5 star review.

Thank you Farzana! See you on the next course xx


Vicky Rowe

Kate Thomson

I attended Farzana's Lean and Strong six week course, she is a wonderful instructor - motivational and encouraging. Farzana constantly checked our posture to make sure we are getting the most out of each exercise. She also gives loads of tips about healthy eating with some great recipes. I thoroughly recommend Farzana if you are looking for personal/small group training, she's the best I've ever had.

Sarah white

Maria Clark


I’ve trained on and off for years, as an athlete when I was younger, and have had regular PT sessions since having children.

I have to say that the sessions with Farzana are by far the most enjoyable, and effective I’ve ever done. I’ve noticed big changes in a very short space of time. And Farzana’s knowledge, and encouragement both at the sessions and outside of the sessions is just fantastic. I highly recommend to anyone of any fitness level.

Kate Thomson


Farzana is incredible!!! I lost my first stone in 6 weeks with her encouragement and positivity. She is an incredible personal trainer and really focuses on individual needs and abilities. She doesn’t judge and is an absolute joy to work out with. Her diet tips and recipes are also very good. And tasty!

This woman cares! You will see results if you stick with Farzana’s fitness programme.

Kate xx

Kate Lord-Ralph


Positive, personalised approach to fitness and nutrition. Targeted support to reach your own personal goals with so much encouragement, support and delicious recipe options all the way along. Farzana is extremely knowledgeable about all matters fitness and nutrition. She has a fully holistic approach and likes to focus on the well being of her clients as a key focus of a healthy lifestyle. Her small classes are friendly and focused and she pushes you in the right way to keep going. Perfect for motivation and camaraderie in small groups! That way she can monitor your form and give you tips on all you do. Can not recommend highly enough! Having had a lot of personal training over the years, I can see how her personal approach and individualised attention could really pay dividends.

Stefanie Kemball-Read


I look forward to FWH's fitness sessions on Zoom. Her workout routines are perfect as they are tailored to everyones level of fitness. She shows me exactly what to do and is able to correct my posture to ensure I really get the best out of every single routine. The positivity and energy that Farzana has, along with the way the workouts make me feel and look, means I keep signing up for more zoom sessions. Not to be missed ladies - I have seen a difference in just a few weeks!


Fatima Dhalla

Farzana is excellent at what she does and her workouts are amazing . She take a personal interest in everyone who trains with her and really wants the best for them

Jamila Nurmohamed

When it comes to personal trainers, Farzana is definitely the best by far. She really does give her utmost dedication and with her sense of determination and commitment, one achieves their goals and more. It is easy to see that Farzana is wholly passionate about creating a healthier and better world, encouraging one to make better lifestyle choices in regards to health, fitness, diet as well as one's general way of life. If you are looking to create the best version of yourself, look no further than Farzana!

Fayeza Suleiman


I have been attending Farzana Walji-Hooda Zoom workout sessions, and they have been amazing. She targets different muscle groups and I can definitely feel the benefits of the workout the day after. What I appreciate most, is Farzanas attitude, she is very motivating and puts her all in every session to make it as enjoyable and valuable for us. She checks in with us during the workout to make sure were okay and were doing the exercises correctly but also checks in with us outside of the sessions to see how were doing. Farzana is also always more than happy to share tips on health and wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Farzana Walji-Hooda to help you get fit.

Masooma Somani

Highly recommended! This place provides a great exercising experience. The Trainer Farzana Walji-Hooda

has also created online courses via ZOOM. this enabled me to be enrolled in those classes held in London while being myself in Germany or even in Lebanon. What I like most is that the trainer shows several substitutes for every workout so that each participant gets the best result of what she can do. There is always time for stretching and breathing at the end of each session in addition to health tips. I attend Saturday morning classes and a private course on Thursdays. The course is systematic and I feel that every muscle gets its share. It can notice the difference weekly. Honestly, this is more than what I asked for and it is even inexpensive at all. I find the trainer so helpful and nice. She is always there for questions and inquiries.

I highly recommend Farzana! She is fantastic. I'm a really keen gym bunny but since lockdown, working out at home had got boring & unenjoyable. I decided to sign up to Farzana's 6 week programme & it was super! It's motivated me to get back to it. Her workouts are varied, she pushes you to your limits, offers excellent advice & makes them such fun. Her diet tips & receipes are amazing too!

Shana Louise Clarkson


I have started training with Farzana online on Zoom and over the past month have definitely received the benefits of her training sessions, I feel great afterwards! Farzana is so motivational, challenges you and makes you feel that you can achieve your goals! Farzana has a very holistic approach and ensures that you can work out to all fitness abilities by offering alternative exercise which I find really helpful. The classes are women only so I feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Farzana if you are looking for a beautiful, positive person who will genuinely care about your health and wellbeing and is keen to share not only workouts but lifestyle ideas to improve your overall fitness. Farzana takes the time to check in between sessions to keep you going through the week, shares delicious healthy food ideas on a regular basis. I am looking forward to continuing the journey with you! Thank you Farzana!

Marium Hudda


I have been training with FWH fitness for around 12 months and more recently via Zoom ! Farzana is so motivating, professional, friendly and an all round amazing person. I have always been one to do the bare minimum when it comes to training and she has inspired me to push myself and I am fitter and stronger than I've ever been. Her after care is also amazing , checking in with me after every session, sharing healthy recipes and tips for workouts I can do at home. If you are considering a Personal Trainer I would recommend Farzana in a flash ! Thank you Farzana Walji-Hooda

Maria Clark


I have been to a few of Farzana’s morning online group sessions and I must say I have felt great throughout the day. Not only does she have a personal approach, but she checks in between the workouts to see how we are doing and feeling and also shows alternatives for different fitness levels during the workout that caters for different abilities.

It felt great to work out over zoom with her and I look forward to more classes in the future. And ofcourse just to add on, I would definitely recommend following her page as its filled with yummy, simple, nutritious food recipes as well as tonnes of postive thoughts and energy!!

Sadiqa Jeraj

I have always had a bit of a difficult relationship with fitness - I'm not a natural! I have dipped in and out of fitness plans over the years but have always struggled and felt demoralised and disappointed. I am so pleased I tried again, though, and that I chose Farzana.

I have just completed Farzana's 6 week programme (via Zoom!!) and it was brilliant. The sessions are challenging but achievable, and Farzana is so motivating and supportive throughout. She picks you up on technique and makes recommendations for how to improve, but isn't bossy or harsh. She makes you feel valued and genuinely believes in you.

After care is great and Farzana will message you after the session to check you're ok, and keep in touch during the week to provide encouragement and advice. Her recipes are also delicious!

I definitely noticed an impact after Farzana's sessions and could feel how effective they were.

Farzana is friendly, supportive and encouraging - but she also gets results. If you are considering a Personal Trainer, you need Farzana.


Lauren Bray


I started training with Farzana in January after three months out for a planned surgery. I joined one of her small group classes and haven’t looked back. She tailors the exercises for individual fitness levels and has really pushed me but just the right amount! She is so passionate about what she does and I love all her recipe ideas, home workout suggestions and regular wellbeing check ins. Couldn’t recommend her more.

Vicki Realff


I have been wanting to try FWH Fitness and wished Farzana lived in birmingham,I was so excited when she started doing the zoom sessions, I tried her first session and felt amazing after... since then I decided to join her Saturday morning classes, I’ve done around 5 classes so far and feel so much fitter! Farzana is so friendly, motivating and encouraging through out the work outs, she makes it all so much fun and enjoyable...I love that its ladies only and also that she caters for different fitness levels/abilities etc, she even goes to the extent to checks on us after the work outs Farzana is so inspiring, I enjoy reading her page which is full of positive thoughts and amazing healthy recipes

Fatemazahra Sajan Walji

Farzana is amazing! She's so passionate about what she does and she really cares about you.

She makes sure you are healthy physically and mentally.

Would definitely recommend!!

Leila Dorey

I thoroughly enjoyed my '7 steps to a healthier you' session with Farzana, she was approachable, calm and caring. She clearly had a wealth of knowledge in not only nutrition but health, fitness and creating a balanced lifestyle. Her real-life, relatable stories made me feel extremely supported and she gave advice that was accessible and achievable. My goal during the session was to learn more about nutrition, particularly the most beneficial foods to eat and healthier options. She was honest and logical and gave me personal advice which was fantastic considering there was 10+ people in the session. She shared recipes and even gave meal ideas. The hour long session covered a wide range of topics and I could have stayed for much longer! Thank you Farzana, I would highly recommend!

Shamim Manji

The sessions that I have had with Farzana have made me look and feel great. She pushes you to your limits to get great results. I didn't used to like exercise, but slowly and surely she has gotten me to love it again. She is always on hand whenever you need her. She's there to cheer you on and keep you going to reach your goals. This woman has been such a positive influence, not only on me, but my family too. I'm so glad you qualified as a fitness coach Farzana because you have changed my life for the better. You are not just a coach to me, you are my friend, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. Will definitely book in for future sessions with you and would highly recommended your services to ANYONE! Xx

Abi Shepherd


Would highly recommend her fitness sessions - Farzana pushes you to your maximum potential by working with your strengths and constantly motivating you through words of encouragement which definitely made all the difference. She always keeps an eye on you to make sure there’s no slacking Her kind nature is a bonus to the pleasant ambience she creates during her sessions.

Zahra Murji


I’m 74 years of age and was very nervous to start training at this time of my life. How gentle and understanding Farzana is and has made me feel that I could conquer the world! I hope to carry on indefinitely until I drop but of course she wouldn’t let that happen. Thank you so much Farzana, I wish I had known you much sooner. I’m so enjoying my work outs. Dee Batu

Dee Batu

I approached Farzana as I needed someone to help me kickstart a healthy eating and exercise plan. The demands of being a parent and running a business meant that I had left little time for looking after myself. I signed up to her 8 week plan. Farzana is such an amazing positive person and fantastic trainer. She really encouraged me and after just a few weeks, I began to feel more healthy and toned and my weight began to drop off. I can not recommend Farzana enough and I would not hesitate to use her again in the future.

Kelly Bruton


Amazing lady who will inspire and motivate you to reach your goals!

Hannah Charlotte


Returning to exercise after time off through injury & putting on weight, I decided to give FWH Fitness with Farzana a try, never using a personal trainer before. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed our workouts together, gently at first putting me through my paces then gradually increasing. Farzana is very friendly, professional & easily put me at ease & managed to push me, knowing what I was capable of. She has given me my confidence back, more knowledge about my body, what I need to be eating to fuel my workouts & a new passion for weights.

I would not hesitate in recommending FWH Fitness in particular the support you receive not just in the sessions but after too.

Thank you Farzana

Amanda Cooper

A massive thank you for being so motivational and inspirational, since joining your sessions I feel stronger, happier and more confident. I never thought I would ever say I enjoy working out, but now I am simply addicted. Love Always.

Malak Hamade

I absolutely love your Thursday workouts and love that the group is small an you tailor the exercise to individual needs. Whether super strong or just a beginner. I was so nervous before starting but incredibly glad that I did. Thank you.. xxx

I have been training with FWH fitness for 6 months. I'm stronger fitter and leaner. My sessions with Farzana leave me always feeling positive motivated and inspired. She's a good trainer who I would definitely recommend.

Lou Upchurch


Farzana, is a dedicated, honest and motivated PT. It's been such a pleasure her taking me through this journey; with her expertise, tailoring each sessions to suit my goals. Sending great tips, menu ideas and small adjustments to our day to day lives, which makes this change to a better lifestyle that much easier and less overwhelming. Farzana is so kind and friendly; every session she's beaming; raring to go and defintely set to push you to your limits (always with a smile!) I would thoroughly recommend Farzana to all - She's a great PT Xx

Fatema H

I'd heard about Farzana's sessions through a friend and I'm so glad I listened and paid attention. I joined Farzana's Saturday sessions initially and I was immediately taken by her charisma and enthusiasm from the very first session. I tried and tested a handful of online workouts/trainers , I would say Farzana is definitely THE ONE!

Nazira Mamdani Shah


For someone who dislikes exercise exercise, farzana's classes have always been realistic and very varied. One of the classes I attended (focused on core) was one of the best classes, though i ached for days! I almost felt a difference right away. I've learnt so much from her regarding healthy eating and giving alternatives to snacks and she has this calm yet persevering nature to help anyone through their wellbeing journey! highly recommended.

Salima Merali


Much more than a fitness class, Farzana is great at tailoring workouts to suit you as an individual. I love that the focus and success is based upon individual goals and the way you feel, not just weight loss. After six weeks, I feel energised and even look forward to training, a first for me! Farzana is always so positive, helpful and willing to share ways to improve health, diet and lifestyle. A great training programme for the body, mind & soul, not to forget the delicious recipes too.

Thanks again for getting me moving.

Claire O'Neil

Getting myself to commit to regular physical training was far from possible. I never related all the back pain I had to lack of exercise, until my friend introduced me to Farzana‘s classes! My body looks and feels different. I love how strong it is getting and how this has minimised my back pain.

Farzana is honestly more than just any physical trainer. She cares about her clients and is ready to help out whenever approached. What I love most about being on her regular weekly sessions is that she follows up on each one of us, guides us to improve both our body and life. The advice she gives is what she lives by. Personally I will always try to accommodate our regular classes no matter how busy my schedule is because she gives us all great positive vibes! Thank you lovely Farzana !

Fatema Hamoud

Beach Bootcamp, what a great way to start the day! Farzana is such an inspirational person and her beach bootcamp session was a perfect balance of cardio and strength exercises. Clearly explained and a good variety of exercises that could be adjusted to meet your fitness level. Would highly recommend and will definitely be going again!

Nicola Liva


The training I have received from Farzana is more than just physical. She adopts a whole body approach and considers diet, nutrition, sensible exercise suited to my level as well as my state of mind. I love her small group sessions on zoom - it means I never have an excuse not to go and to be honest I really look forward to them. She provides excellent written resources, video tutorials and coaches us to achieve our personal goals. I’m in for the long run! Thank you Farzana. Xx

Shabneez Kermali

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