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5 minute daily rituals I do to help me stay grounded and de-stress!

How often do you set aside time to intentionally de-stress?

What I’ve realised as a mother of 4, Personal Trainer, Coach, homemaker, business owner and all the hats that us mothers wear.. We need time for ourselves to feel ‘alive’.

But how many of us do to feel our best?

Here are my top daily 5, to help me feel calm and in control.

  1. Start the day before the rest of the family Easier said than done I know, especially as the mornings are so wet and grey at the moment. The mornings are always a mad rush but it doesn’t have to always be that way. Wake up even 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the family and get your head into a calm, positive mode before the day begins. This will be a total game changer if you don’t do it already. Are you an early riser?

  2. Schedule mental free time and breathe I try to schedule 5 minutes of ‘no work’ time during the day. I close my eyes, and allow my breath to flow. This helps me stay grounded when life gets particularly stressful and overwhelming with the never ending to do list. It can be at the beginning of the day or for me mid day, This is also when creative juices start flowing too. You may have found that your best ideas came about in the shower! Make it a habit and don’t feel guilty for not doing ‘something’. Doing ‘nothing’ is actually really productive! I find this hard, but I try my best.

  3. Movement is key Movement is an absolute must in my day. I find my brain doesn’t function as well if I haven’t done some sort of workout. It could be going for a walk, doing a strength workout or even vigorously cleaning my house! But I always have to schedule it in otherwise there is ALWAYS something else that will come in the way. It is just as important as an appointment, so schedule it like anything else.

  4. Getting fresh air Every morning without fail, I'll open my front/back door and stand outside for a few minutes. Come rain or shine, I need to smell the cool air, hear the birds sing or even listen to the rain fall. I find it so therapeutic. Spending more time outside and with nature is an absolute must and it’s a habit I try to ingrain into my kids too! If I ever feel low, this instantly lifts me.

  5. Daily gratitude Humans tend to have a negative bias. That’s why negative news stories sell! Even if there are 100 things going right in our lives, we tend to focus on the one or two things we are unhappy about. Writing down what you are thankful for, can completely change your mindset and your day and put you back into a positive frame of mind.

I hope this was helpful.

I would love to know what your daily rituals are to keep you happy and smiling daily 😀

Lots of love

Farzana xx

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