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Finding balance in 2021

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Life can get really crazy sometimes and in a world where we are now forced more than ever to be online and spending more time on tech, our minds are left wired!

At least that’s how I have been feeling and so my husband and I try as best as we can to have at least one tech free day a week. Having your own business can be hard too as it can be difficult to create boundaries from work and home, especially when you love it so much too!

Here’s some simple tips I try to incorporate in my life to calm my mind and I would love to hear some from you too…

  • Wake up early. Waking up and immediately rushing to school/work fills me with dread. Allowing myself that extra time in the morning, means I START the day off calmly even though things don’t always run to plan....smashed jars, missing kids tie, kids not getting ready in time....I’m sure you can relate.

  • Start the day off with prayer/meditation. This is so calming and really allows me to connect with my inner self and feel grounded. Knowing there is a higher force also reminds me that some things are totally out of my control and a reminder to have faith.

  • Set SMART Goals- Be specific. This allows me to decide which way I want to balance my life and work towards it.

  • Plan tasks but acknowledging that sometimes this may not go to plan and that’s ok too. Planning daily, weekly and monthly tasks help me to achieve my above goals.

  • Surround yourself with positive people- For me this is a must. I feel drained around negativity and it really brings me down. Connect with people who inspire, lift, motivate and re-energise you in hard times.

  • Aeroplane mode- I have to put my phone away or disconnect to wifi if I’m trying to concentrate on work. The fewer the distractions I have, the less likely my mind will wander onto other things that can wait.

  • Reflect- I have to carve out some quiet time to reflect on where I am and where I want to be. Some things are non negotiable. Giving myself that time to breath is so important when life gets crazy. Don’t wait until things fall apart. Be ahead of the game.

  • Exercise daily- This is energising and empowering and my body and mind definitely feel it if I don’t have that daily movement.

Most importantly be kind to yourself. Balance won’t feel good if you’re cruel to yourself in creating it. Take time to stop, breathe deep and reconnect. Please give me a like if this was helpful.

Much love as always x

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