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Training and health tips during Ramadhan

Updated: Mar 26

Some things that have helped me that I hope help you 


Just because others might be smashing their Ramadhan workouts it doesn’t mean you have to too. Do what you can. Try and move every single day but something that suits your body & energy levels. Try and at least walk daily.

2. Choose a TIME that suits you and your energy levels

Personally I don’t recommend fasted workouts. I think the best times are 

  • Just before breaking fast

  • 2 hours after breaking fast

  • Just after suhoor when you have eaten and hydrated

3. EXERCISE to maintain and be consistent

Don’t start any new exercise regime. Our goal is to maintain as much muscle as possible. Low sets, low reps, increase rest periods.

4. NUTRITION is key- lots of fibre, greens and protein. There’s nothing worse than being constipated and low in energy. This is a time to feel your best in every way. Eat to thrive. It’s tempting to give into your cravings. Stick to the 80/20 rule. 80% nutritional meals & 20% giving into your cravings.

Avoid excessive amounts of sugar and fast carbs. It can be tempting to eat sweet things during this month but excess sugars will make it hard to stabilize your blood sugars during your fasting periods.

5. HYDRATION- Add some himalayan salt at the bottom of your water will help you keep hydrated and allow the cells to hydrate. Coconut water is also full of electrolytes & hydrating fruits & veggies.

6. REST- Can't stress this enough. Not enough rest & you won’t have enough energy to do anything.

If you want to feel your best and make the most of the month, book a discovery call with me and I can give you the best tools to thrive. Or perhaps you want to get stronger after Ramadhan. Limited slots available.

Always here to help x

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