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3 Fat loss rules every woman should know

I’m all for women loving the body they’re in but some women do want to lose weight and that’s OK! Sorry if this isn't trendy for saying so!

The problem with a lot of weight loss programmes is that it's all about the quick fix.

If it's promising X amount of weight loss within a given time, it’s probably too good to be true!

Fat loss can be tricky, especially for women.

As a trainer the biggest mistake I see women making is getting caught up in the minutia of dieting and exercise and missing the bigger picture as a result.

When they lose sight of the proven scientific principles of fat loss, and their efforts suffer, they often get super frustrated and give up.

I'm here to empower my clients with the right tools to know how.

Following a strategy scientifically proven to work on improving your physique is the way how. It’s based on 3 rules:

  • Lose fat slowly

  • Never decrease protein intake when ‘dieting’

  • Resistance train when ‘dieting’

When trying to lose weight, it's important to focus just as much on retaining lean body mass as you do on dropping fat. It can be relatively easy to lose weight, but you should be aiming for FAT loss.

Use this as your guiding philosophy as you embark on improving your physique.

For more information on getting you results, feel free to get in touch or share with someone who would benefit.

Love always x

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