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Are the scales sabotaging your efforts to lose weight?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

How many of us do it? We step on the scales every…single…morning…wishing those lbs away! Removing every item of clothing….the number hasn’t budged since the day before…oh maybe I need to go to the toilet first…try again…still no movement…wait...jewellery off…still no movement….NOOOOOOOO! Day ruined…just like that in a single moment! Yes, I have totally been there…it was the story of my life.

The moment you step on a scale you decide things about yourself—whether you’re fat or thin, whether you’ve succeeded or failed, perhaps even how you feel about yourself as a person. The number on the scale is often tied to our body image, something that many of us struggle with on a regular basis.

Don’t let the scales ruin your day or rule your life. They are only a snap shot of what is happening to your body.

Unfortunately, the hard work of diet and exercise isn’t always reflected on the scale for new exercisers, especially during the first few weeks.

Most of us need several weeks of diet and exercise before seeing significant changes in the scale, and even then we may get different readings based on day-to-day weight fluctuations.

We get so focused on the scale that it blocks out other things we’re getting out of our workouts. The long term rewards of exercise aren’t always obvious when you’re a beginner and you forget there are other reasons to exercise and eat healthily.

Other reasons you may not be seeing a change to the number on the scales are:

  • Hormonal fluctuations

  • Water retention

  • Whether you ate a high carb meal the night before

  • The amount of sleep you are getting, this by the way is so important for weight loss/muscle gain

  • Time of the month

  • The timing of your meals

  • Your body getting used to a new eating/training regime

  • Muscle gain

While many of us focus on how many pounds we're losing, what's more important is how much FAT we're losing, something the scale can't discern.

Losing weight may make you happy but, what if you found out you were losing muscle, not fat? This is ultimately more detrimental to weight loss.

It is TOTALLY possible to lose inches without losing weight, which means you're getting results even if they aren't showing up the way you're used to seeing them.

Are you losing inches? 😊

Fitting into smaller sizes? 😊

Feel better within?😊

Feeling stronger? 😊

Feeling more positive?😊

Have increased energy levels? 😊

If the answer is yes, that’s a good sign that you’re on the right path, which is exactly what you want.

DON’T GET HUNG UP ON THE SCALES AND WASTE TIME WORRYING my friends. Trust me …I’ve been there…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and feel free to like and share my page.

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