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Do you sleep like a baby? Or toss and turn all night?

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Since I had my first born, my sleep has never been the same and it can affect your whole life! From your mood, to your workouts, energy levels and the choice of foods you end up eating!

Can you relate?

Brain overload can keep me tossing and turning at night but here are some fab tips that have helped me and I try really hard to stick to it...

  • Limit caffeine intake and no caffeine past 11am

  • Exercising daily to ensure that my body has had the physical exertion it needs. Preferably in the morning. Evening sessions have me wired.

  • 10 minute Meditation before sleeping

  • Using a pillow spray to aid in a restful night

  • Using a diffuser in the room with some beautiful relaxing scents

  • Having a notepad by my bed and writing down any ‘to do’s’ that come to mind before sleeping so that I can tackle them in the morning

  • Leaving my phone downstairs and having a separate mini alarm clock so that I don’t have to worry about the time

  • Spending as much time as I can outdoors in the fresh air, during the day

  • Maintaining a good sleep routine every day no matter what day of the week.

  • I Eat dinner early but have a small snack before bed containing complex carbs, protein and calcium if hungry.

  • Ensuring all jobs are done and the house is tidy before I sleep.

I hope this helps but maintaining a strict sleep schedule is so important in order to get a great night's sleep :)

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