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Exercise or sleep? Which one should I prioritise?

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

You really shouldn’t put yourself in that position, because you absolutely need both. But sleep is soooooo important! Have you ever noticed, when you don’t sleep enough, how your eating, your mood, your emotions are all affected? Even the quality of your workouts.

Exercise actually helps you sleep and sleep helps you exercise so it’s a win win!

How Exercise Helps Sleep

According to the, regular exercise, esp in the morning or afternoon, can impact your sleep quality by raising your body temperature a few degrees. Later in the day, when your internal thermostat drops back to its normal range, this can trigger feelings of drowsiness and help you drop off to sleep.

Also, if you exercise outdoors, you’ll be exposed to natural light, an important element in helping your body establish a good sleep-wake cycle.

So many of my clients have seen a marked difference in their sleep quality since exercising so they are testament to this! I also regularly make my kids run outside to tire them out before bed :)

The Right Time to Work Out

There is actually an optimal time to work out to reap the benefits of nighttime sleep.

Working out too late can actually cause too much stimulation and may cause you to stay awake.

So sleep or exercise?

You can’t have one without the other; both are absolutely essential to you being able to operate at 100 percent — not just in the gym, but in your everyday life, too. Get into a sleep routine just like children do, spray your pillow with some essential oils, calm yourself with some meditation and snooze away zzzzzz

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