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Getting results at home

As we find ourselves in another period of uncertainty with Covid cases souring, I understand that heading to the gym isn’t something everyone feels comfortable with.

Can you get results at home?

Absolutely yes!

With the right coaching and nutrition, you can totally get the results you desire.

Here are my top tips to ensure you get RESULTS.

1 .Follow a programme: The best way to see results is to measure your progress and to progressively overload (adding weight/intensity week on week). Having a programme helps you to stay consistent and allows you to get fitter and stronger.

2. A small investment in equipment: A small amount of equipment is needed for a home workout. Once you make the initial investment you can continue to use the same equipment for many different exercise variations to increase the difficulty. It doesn’t have to be costly. A few dumbbells & some bands are normally enough to get you started.

3. Adding intensity: Intensity can be added to home workouts in a variety of ways. Time under tension (or TUT) is a great tool to utilise at home in order to increase intensity. This means that your muscles are under MORE tension for MORE time! To do this, slow down each repetition. You will have those muscles firing extra hard and work for longer. 1 & ¼ repetitions are another popular tool that you can use. You will perform one full rep plus an extra ¼ rep at the most difficult part of the exercise (for example in a squat you would add the extra ¼ in the bottom). This will quickly fatigue the major muscles that are working in the exercise. Paused repetitions are when you come to a complete pause during one part of an exercise. Eg in a Squat you would likely choose to pause in the bottom when the muscles are under the most load - therefore being the most effective spot! This is a very easy way to fatigue the muscles, especially when performing high repetitions or using a weight like a dumbbell or kettlebell. Reduced rest by decreasing the time between sets, you increase the demand placed on your body.

4. Get an accountability Coach Whether it’s a Personal Trainer or friend, it's great to have someone you are accountable to. It can be lonely doing it alone and knowing someone else has your back can work wonders for your motivation and consistency.

5. Consistency and Patience is key As with training in the gym, consistency is paramount for success. Remember doing something is always better than doing nothing and every little really does count. Even when you reach a plateau, don’t give up! It can be disheartening and you may want to give up before the plateau is over! Keep at it and you will reap the rewards. If you’re working from home, a busy mum, you don’t like the gym, or if you just can’t get there for a workout, my 6 weeks to lean and strong is for you. You can workout with me in the comfort of your own home with my empathy, support and some tough love when you need it to get great results. This Festive period goes as quickly as it comes, so enjoy, take some time out, breathe and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Sending so much love

Farzana x

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