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Gym Hygiene!

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

We all know the health and wellbeing benefits of a hard session at the gym, but at the same time, a gym full of sweaty bodies and sweaty clothes creates the ideal environment for breeding bacteria, germs and other nasties, especially in high-touch areas such as exercise equipment and communal changing areas. Eek!!

My kids have just rolled their eyes as they read the title of this piece. “Hygiene.. Here she goes again :)”

No fear’s how you can germ proof your workout !

  1. Wash your hands PRE and POST workout for at least 20 seconds with an antibacterial soap.

  2. Wipe down equipment after you use it! Why don’t people do this? No-body wants to lie down on a sweaty, smelly bench after you. Bug bear :)

  3. Try to avoid touching your face whilst working out. Tough I know but use a towel to avoid breakouts on your face.

  4. Wear some flip flops in the showers and wet communal areas- Always wash and dry your feet thoroughly ensuring to pay special attention between the toes and use an anti-fungal powder if you’re prone to athlete’s foot.

  5. Don’t let your dirty gym stuff sit in your gym bag- when you get home, empty and wash your things taking care not to contaminate your gym bag - germs love dark, moist environments.

  6. Avoid wearing makeup- the combination of sweat and wearing make-up can produce excess oil which clogs open pores, causing breakouts. Going make-up free helps the skin to breathe through open pores. Or use a mineral based makeup if you really can’t go bare.

  7. Take a rest day if you've got a streaming cold or cough. Not only are you likely to transmit germs, but you’re also more susceptible to catching other lurking bacteria and viruses.

Have a great day xx

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