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Why am I gaining weight when exercising?

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I’m putting on weight and I’m exercising like mad?

Are you pounding the streets and doing every HIIT workout going but not achieving the results you desire? Or worse still gaining weight?! How is that even possible right??

I’ve been there ...

It could be that you only need a few minor lifestyle adjustments. Most importantly -- don't panic! Check in with yourself...

  • When you exercise, you often feel more hungry. Be more mindful of the foods that you are consuming. Even healthy foods have calories, and you might actually be eating more than you think.

  • You’re not hydrating properly- are you consuming a sugary hydrating drink post exercise? These can be very calorific. Also are you eating when you could be thirsty?

  • You Use Your Workout As an Excuse to Be Sedentary the Rest of the Day.

  • Ask yourself, are you challenging yourself enough?

  • You’re new to exercise. Your body may not be used to the extra calorie expenditure, as well as sweating more often, and it may retain fluids for a temporary period of time until it adjusts to your new regime.

  • You’re actually exercising too much and totally stressing your body out! Switch up your exercise routine.

  • Normally, stress hormones play a role in your body's "fight or flight" response, and they help you access the fuel and energy you need to deal with a scary or stressful situation. Chronically high stress levels, however, disrupt your stress hormone levels. That affects how your body stores fuel, and you may find yourself developing more weight in your midsection.

  • Ditch the scales! You could be changing shape but not losing ‘weight’. This can hinder your progress if you feel disheartened. Use a tape measure and photos instead, to measure progress.

I Hope this helps and know that these are simple swaps that could help you in your health journey.

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