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Balancing Hormones and blood sugars the natural way

Want less tummy fat/ better moods/sleep/reduced PMS/ less brain fog and generally feeling better about yourself?

If the answer is YES, then you need to be looking after your gut!

A poo a day keeps the doctor away right? 😉

There is ofcourse much more to it than that but there is a strong correlation between gut health and hormonal health.

And when our blood sugars are balanced this leads to more balanced hormones eg. Insulin, cortisol, androgens etc.

Here are some top steps to balance your sugars leading to a happier, healthier you.

  1. Get a good night's sleep! Disrupted circadian rhythm and sleep lead to elevated glucose and insulin levels. As a result, a lack of sleep has been associated with diabetes and a blood sugar disorder. ( Optimise your sleep by getting 6-8hours, not going to bed hungry, no screens at least an 1hr before bed and creating a calm and serene environment.

  2. Manage your stress. Not all stress is bad and often when we see it as a negative thing it becomes this way. However, periods of high stress can raise blood sugars and unbalance hormones and that’s why we tend to crave/eat more sugar when in this state. Next time you’re feeling stressed, pause, take a step back and try some deep breathing. It works and you’ll actually gain some time for yourself.

  3. Be more active. Exercise and movement really does improve your energy, metabolism, insulin balance and self esteem. Have you noticed how good you feel after a workout or generally more movement in your day? However, if you’re feeling more anxious and stressed, a HIIT workout isn’t the way to go as it can add even more stress to your nervous system. Weights, pilates, yoga may be better suited. Don’t underestimate the power of a brisk walk too!

  4. Add some cinnamon to your meals. I swear by this and love cinnamon. Cinnamon is proven to improve insulin sensitivity and help with blood sugar balance. It’s naturally sweet too and so can help with sugar cravings. Try sprinkling some on your porridge or overnight oats/ greek yoghurt.

  5. Include protein with every meal! Yes it works! Protein keeps you fuller for longer and slows the release of sugar from carby foods, reducing the blood sugar highs and lows that you may otherwise get.

  6. Include more healthy fats. I actually advise my clients to eat high fat snacks in between meals if they’re pekkish. Healthy fats help slow the release of sugar from carbohydrate foods and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Good fats are also an important component in your diet.

  7. Plan, plan, plan! Avoid temptation by planning ahead and have an alternative handy. I always carry a small pot of unsalted mixed nuts in my bag when I need something quick and healthy. If you know you’re going to have a busy day and are susceptible to snacking, keep food ready.

  8. Be mindful when you eat. Do certain foods make you feel sluggish/ tired/ tummy ache/ gassy? Slow down when you’re eating without distraction and chew your food at least 20 times. Chewing triggers the release of digestive enzymes in the mouth and this, in turn triggers all the other digestive processes further down the chain. This helps you to absorb more nutrients.

  9. Eat regularly. If you leave too many hours between meals, you may feel that your blood sugars drop so low that you feel that ‘crash’. If you feel this way, have 3 evenly spaced meals and try not to mindlessly snack.

  10. Avoid stimulants. Alcohol and caffeine can stimulate your adrenal glands and increase your cortisol levels. Macha is a great alternative to caffeine as it gives you a buzz without the crash. Coffee in most cases causes spikes in adrenaline glucose and insulin levels, which in turn creates jitteriness and nervousness. Matcha creates a calm alertness with just a sixth the caffeine of coffee (25mg versus a typical 150mg cup of coffee). There are no spikes and crashes, it just comes on gently and leaves just as gently.

Remember it’s all about consistency rather than perfection.

You want to create a balanced lifestyle that you can live and enjoy.

Go with the flow and you will be amazed at how good you feel by implementing even a few if not all of the above.

For more help and advice in living a more healthy, holistic lifestyle feel free to get in touch.

Much love

Farzana x

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