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Finding peace amongst the internal chaos

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Here’s my story...Yesterday I literally felt like my brain was going to explode!

Appointments, dates, work, school, house, activities, managing 4 kids' diaries and my own as well as my husbands just felt too much to handle.

Wondering how I was meant to be in 2 places at the same time! Well obviously this isn’t possible!

Sound familiar?

And there I was posting a glorious cup of coffee. That moment lasted about 3 minutes before I was back on the run… I felt like a complete fraud. So here I am, telling you that I am human.

BUT I do believe that If I didn’t have the following things in place, I would have probably internally combusted by now!

So here are my tips on managing life so that you keep calm and balanced… most of the time!

1.Wake up earlier than the rest of the family; this is literally my golden time. Even if it's only 15 minutes before, it allows me to get into a positive, calm headspace before the madness begins. I’m ready!

2.Put things in your diary as soon as they occur (I use my ical) and then brain dump it. Check it the night before so you know what’s happening.

3.If anything is overwhelming you, write it down on a list. Even the tiny stuff like a messy fridge or your sock drawer needs tidying! By off loading it, it really does help. You can then put it into columns in order of importance.

4.Have a notepad by your bed. Write any reminder notes etc before you sleep so that you’re not waking up worrying and thinking of them.

5.Get enough zzz’s in! Sleep is so important for overall health. It can help/ mitigate our stress response. Interrupted sleep can throw our hormones out of balance & as a result you body needs more nutrients to maintain homeostasis.

6.Nourish your body! Eat good food. Food can have a massive impact on our mood! Eat foods rich in B vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Potassium and Vitamin C.

We also really want to fuel our bodies with mitochondrial fuel for our energy powerhouses. Without fueling our mitochondria with the right foods and getting rid of the things that deplete our mitochondria, which is really a recipe for feeling stressed, sluggish, and lethargic.

Eat deep green vegetables and rainbow foods (whole foods that have lovely rich colours).

7.Exercise at the right intensity level for you. On more stressful days, strenuous exercise is actually too much for the body and releases more cortisol (stress hormone). Yoga/pilates/low impact resistance training may be better. A gentle walk always refocuses my mind and puts me back into homeostasis.

8.Accept that you can’t control the uncontrollable. What’s bothering you? Can you control it? If not, focus on all the things that you CAN control.

9.Recognising the body’s warning signs and stopping and resting before you fall ill. Listen to your body so that you can develop your own healing process. Rest, recover and allow your body to recharge so that you can continue to live life STRONG and HEALTHY.

10.Every hour take 1 minute out to breathe deeply. Just close your eyes, focus on your breath. That's it! This has helped me prevent those energy spirals that tend to happen when I’m working all day, sometimes stressed, running around and then the brain gets stuck in this spiral. Breathe and focus on being calm.

Life is too short to feel frazzled, burnt out and tired. Feel calmness within, with the above simple practical steps.

Give me a ❤️ if this was helpful.

Take care always. Love x

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